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Sustainable dialysis

Gareth Murcutt
Hi all,

I've put together a draft training module called Sustainable Dialysis and Introduction to Carbon Footprinting. I'd really like to organise a Teams meeting one afternoon in two or three weeks to try it out on an audience and get some feedback. My view is that renal techs are uniquely placed to help in these  projects. ONLY we have the expertise in equipment options, consumables, energy/water usage and infrastructure that can be used to look at possibilities within dialysis units. I also believe that knowing the basics of carbon footprinting will become an increasingly important skill and is one that naturally suits people with an engineering/scientific (and slightly sceptical) outlook.

These are the draft Learning Outcomes

• Why does sustainability matter?
• What is the impact of kidney care on NHS sustainability?
• Different methods of calculating the environmental impact
• The top-down carbon footprint method with example
• The bottom-up carbon footprint method
• Example: Central acid delivery versus concentrate cans
• Other important benefits – the SusQI equation
• More examples of potential technical sustainability projects
• Round-up and resource list

Happy for comments or please email me at gareth.murcutt@net if you'd be interested in joining a meeting. Date/Time TBA
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Re: Sustainable dialysis

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